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What is Margin and Leverage?

Margin is the amount required in order to enter a position. With leverage, traders are able to open a position by using only a fraction of the margin that they would otherwise need without leverage. The higher leverage amount a trader uses the lower the margin requirements. How is Margin Calculated? Margin requirements differ for each market traded on and the amount of leverage used. On the BTC/USD perpetual market, the initial margin for a position is 1%. This means that the minimum requi...

What is The Digitex Insurance Fund ?

The Digitex Insurance Fund: Ensuring Stability and Liquidity on the Digitex Futures Markets The Liquidation Engine of the Digitex Futures exchange takes over and liquidates the positions of traders whose account balances have dropped below the required Maintenance Margin amount needed to maintain their open position. Any funds made from this by the exchange are allocated to the Insurance Fund. The Digitex Futures Insurance Fund will hold 100 million DGTX tokens which is 10% of the entire suppl...

How does the Funding Process work?

Funding consists of regular payments between buyers and sellers, according to the current funding rate. When the funding rate is above zero (positive), traders that are long (contract buyers) have to pay the ones that are short (contract sellers). In contrast, negative funding rates mean that short positions pay longs. When a perpetual futures contract is trading higher than the spot markets, long positions have to pay shorts due to a positive funding rate. Such a situation is expected to drive...

What is the difference between futures and spot markets?

The spot market is a public financial market in which financial instruments or commodities are traded for immediate delivery. It contrasts with a futures market, in which delivery is due at a later date. On futures exchanges, futures contracts are traded and on spot markets financial instruments or actual commodities.

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